The Sakhalin Collection

A wave of human misery, Cold War secrets, and a desperate alliance of the brave. Air Force OSI Investigator Dan Matthews is sent to Japan to investigate a security leak at Wakkanai Air Station, some twenty-six miles from the Soviet Union. His quest soon leads to a beautiful and stateless Korean outcast, Su Li Young, who is determined to rescue her native people from captivity on Sakhalin Island. The plot ensnares Dan into a daring and noble conspiracy that would rock the free world and defy the very government he serves. Based on true historical events The Sakhalin Collection exposes one of history s most tragic and little-known crimes against humanity.

“The best thrillers are rooted in fact. They pose a what if that is entirely possible. Robert Smith’s The Sakhalin Collection begins with the true story of Korean citizens taken from their homeland during World War II. His what if is a tale of political intrigue, where nothing is quite what it seems. Add to the mix a sense of place and a touching love story. The ending will leave you feeling a little bit better about all the things that are wrong with the world.” –Frankie Y. Bailey, author of the Lizzie Stuart mystery series


“Breaking the mold of the common political thriller, Robert Smith’s The Sakhalin Collection is as much about humanity as war, and raises questions about the mysteries of loyalty, friendship, love and human nature.” — Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Still Summer

“Cold War espionage in a snowbound setting, dueling spy agencies, love and death and big-time treachery The Sakhalin Collection has got it all. Robert Smith jams history, politics, culture, tradecraft and lots of good old-fashioned backstabbing into a thriller that will keep you turning the pages.”
— Sam Reaves author of
Homicide 69


A daring conspiracy to expose one of history’s most tragic and little-known crimes against humanity “The Sakhalin Collection” A wave of human misery, Cold War secrets and a desperate alliance of the brave.

The Empire of Japan ruthlessly abducted over a million Korean citizens from their homeland during WWII.

More than sixty thousand of these virtual slaves were forced to toil for Japanese masters in the mines and factories of Karafuto, a frozen and desolate island in the North Pacific.

Even after the vanquished Japanese fled Karafuto to escape the victorious Red Army, the Koreans’ suffering endured for decades on what their new masters renamed Sakhalin— Island and all because it served the agendas of the world’s great powers.

An aging and lost tribe of survivors, stripped of hope and home. Abandoned and forgotten.

Until now…