The Best Lie Wins: a Frank Doherty Novel

A few years have passed and routine has returned to Frank’s life, if not boredom, but when Judge Morton Bellamy sentences a young, mob-connected bully to rot in prison, chaos returns. The judge is targeted for revenge and Attorney Frank Doherty is caught in the crossfire, his reputation savaged, his freedom at stake. To regain his life, Frank must square off with an old enemy and face the wrath of a vicious and deadly vixen. Frank’s life hangs in the balance as powerful forces combine to bury him in an avalanche of murder and deceit. But his own demons may bury him first unless he can seal a deal to save himself and the judge with a shady secret.

Robert Smith has written another powerful and compelling work. There will always be an audience for good, solid crime fiction, with ideas and storylines ripped from the headlines, Law and Order-style. What Robert Smith does is even more amazing. He does the impossible. He makes me think that lawyers have souls.

— Amazon Reviewer