About Robert W. Smith, Author

Bob was raised in Chicago, enlisting in the Air Force in 1968. Following four years service as a Russian Linguist in Security Service Command, a branch of the NSA, Bob attended DePaul University and The John Marshall Law School. With over thirty years experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Chicago, Bob brings a lifetime of understanding and experience to his Frank Doherty series. The author now lives in Chicago with his wife.

Praise for "The Sakhalin Collection"

“Cold War espionage in a snowbound setting, dueling spy agencies, love and death and big-time treachery The Sakhalin Collection has got it all. Robert Smith jams history, politics, culture, tradecraft and lots of good old-fashioned backstabbing into a thriller that will keep you turning the pages.”
— Sam Reaves author of
Homicide 69

Praise for "Concrete Kingsdom"

“A crackling story that twists like a rattler and bites at every turn.”
— Jacquelyn Mitchard, Author of Deep End of the Ocean

Praise for "The Sakhalin Collection"

“Breaking the mold of the common political thriller, Robert Smith’s The Sakhalin Collection is as much about humanity as war, and raises questions about the mysteries of loyalty, friendship, love and human nature.”

— Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean and Still Summer