A Long Way From Clare

Winner of the CIBA 2023 Goethe Award (1st place), the Pencraft Best Book Award (Fall, 2023) for mystery/suspense and a finalist for the 2024 Eric Hoffer Award for literary excellence.

Romance, Kidnapping, and Murder…
Will a young Irish lawyer unravel the secrets or die trying?

Conor Dolan, a young Irishman, travels to Chicago in 1903 to visit his older brother; instead, he finds a mystery. His journey sparks a quest to peel away secrets and rediscover a dead sibling he idolized but never really knew as he strives to learn the true meaning of brotherhood.

His search reveals an Irish Republican plot to assassinate a visiting British royal. In the process, he is drawn into an alliance with two women: a mesmerizing Jewish widow and a struggling young Irishwoman. Each teaches Conor existential truths of life and love in her own way.

But the brother he finds may not be the brother he remembers. A Long Way from Clare is a story of Chicago’s early twentieth century immigrants and one man’s struggle with both bigotry and justice in an unforgiving city where no good deed goes unpunished.

Will Conor find the answers he desperately craves? Or will this trip punch a one-way ticket?

“…Smith does a remarkably economical job of sketching out all of the plot’s complications; there’s scarcely an ounce of fat anywhere in this tale…the sheer tension of his story is irresistible.

A lean and compelling mystery set in the rough-and-tumble Chicago of the early 20th century.”

— Kirkus Reviews