A Long Way From Clare

Romance, Kidnapping, and Murder…
Will a young Irish lawyer unravel the secrets or die trying?

Running With Cannibals

Winner of the CIBA’s 2022 Hemingway and Goethe Awards and Finalist for the Foreword INDIES 2022 Book of the Year Award.

The Sakhalin Collection

A wave of human misery, Cold War secrets, and a desperate alliance of the brave.

The Concrete Kingdom: a Frank Doherty Novel

n a fictional Chicago during the early ’90s, all power flows from City Hall, dominated by the Lowry family dynasty.

The Best Lie Wins: a Frank Doherty Novel

A few years have passed and routine has returned to Frank’s life, if not boredom, but when Judge Morton Bellamy sentences a young, mob-connected bully to rot in prison, chaos returns.